Melbourne Group

Contacts (main group)
email (please mention which area you live in)
Phone: 0414 633 114

The Melbourne Sufi Path Group is the largest of the three Groups. 

All are welcome at our regular Saturday evening meetings in  Essendon (one week per month) and Craigiburn. Please call to find out where the week's event is happening.

Events typically include:

  • 5.00 pm training and practice for the Mevlevi Dance of the Whirling Dervishes, or Sema.
    For the Dance, please wear a long sleeve shirt/blouse, a thick pair of socks, and a scarf for ladies.

  • 5.45 pm for 6 pm (suggested for new comers) Talk and Instruction. During the Muslim month of Ramadan, meeting times below are adjusted so we come together to break the fast at sundown.

  • Group Dhikr, or chanting meditation. Please also see My first Visit for thing to print and bring.

  • A light meal (supplied ad hoc by Group members) is available at the end, which is also a good time to talk to other group members, or the Sheikh. Finish time usually around 9 pm.

  • Ample free off-road parking available.

Please come modestly dressed, most ladies wear a head cover.
We take our shoes off.
During cold weather, warm clothes and socks are suggested.
Many people sit on the floor, but do grab a chair if you like.
If you would like to bring a plate of food, please no pork, raw onions or raw garlic.

First visit free, then $10 a visit.
This is all we ask from regular Group members, and is used to fund the Group's needs.